For all students to whom affirmative action* does not apply, when there are
a limited number of positions available in the faculty into which they want
to enter, they should be given equal access to education based on their
proven academic merit, and if relevant, on their proven other merit.

That is what the Constitution requires; that is what every Civil Rights Leader
states; and that is what the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

*This section does not discuss whether or not affirmative action is constitutional, as it is only ever
  applied to a very small number of students and is therefore not relevant to the main issue; which
  main issue affects the great majority of students.

The Constitution defines the Nation.  Therefore all breaches of the Constitution should be investigated by Congress, and laws should be passed to prevent the Constitution from being breached.  Right Now publicly funded universities and colleges are breaching the Constitution so that they can discriminate against students in their admissions process.  Congress must investigate and prevent continued Constitutional Breaches.

Canada's Trudeau Government is equal to the former Harper Government in continuing to allow discrimination in universities and continuting to allow the Constitution to be breached.

However, it is not too late for America. Members of the United States House of Representatives and Members of the United States Senate should investigate and RESTORE Constitutional Rights and civil rights in American universities and colleges.

Do NOT let a few people have the power to pick and choose who is allowed into certain faculties. Students should have the right to self-determination, so they
can achieve their goals by their hard work, demonstrated by their academic merit.

Do NOT let student self-sacrifice and hard work be ignored.

Do NOT let a few people get to pick and choose who they want, because that
is nothing more than discrimination.

Why won't the people with the discretion be honest people who always do
the right thing ?  BECAUSE there are NO supremely honest people who
must simply be trusted and whose actions can never be looked into or
questioned; for if they existed, then they could never be convicted of a
crime, for if they said that they didn't do it, they would have to be trusted,
because by definition they are supremely honest.  But there are no such people !

It is self-evident that constitutional violations, civil rights violations, human
rights violations and free speech violations are occurring in those
universities and colleges where their admissions process:
(1) includes a component which could violate free speech;
(2) gives power to a few people to admit students they select;
(3) includes a component the answers to which cannot be checked
     and verified for legitimacy and accuracy;
(4) includes a component the score of which cannot be checked
     and verified for legitimacy and accuracy; or
(5) does not allow students to see exactly how their admissions score
     was determined and challenge any part of their admissions score
     that is not verifiable or is not based on a provable form of provably
     relevant merit.

In addition, scoring based on a person's opinions, as happens in interviews and essays, even if done correctly, is a HUGE VIOLATION of Civil Rights and of Constitutional Rights, because in a free country people are entitled to express whatever opinion they want to express, without their opinion being held against them; THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF FREE SPEECH.  When some students are excluded from certain university faculties because they expressed the same different opinions as some Members of Congress or Senators express, that is a horrible violation of the Constitution and of civil rights.

All other freedoms are based on Free Speech. If you cannot freely express your political views, and you cannot freely express your views of new scientific concepts, and you cannot freely express your religious views, and you cannot freely express your opinions on social issues; YOU HAVE NO DEMOCRACY and YOU HAVE NO FREEDOM.

Anyone can exagerate or even lie in an interview or in an essay where they are asked subjective questions that allow for made up answers.

Interviews and essays are not science, they are a means to disguise discrimination.

Everyone knows that real science is openly shown so that it can be verified by others. Real scientists insist that every little aspect of an experiment or study or theory be revealed and be allowed to be questioned, so that it can be verified. Frauds tell you that they have a result but cannot reveal their secret methods.

Frauds also claim to have studies which prove this or that; however, when you challenge them to show you the actual study data and let you ask them questions on it, they refuse.

Why are Universities and the Governments that support them afraid to let me question their "interview scientists and admissions committee professors" in a public trial or public inquiry ?

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